Saturday, January 9, 2010

If you could live till 99, what would you hope to be??

This may not be a question we ask ourselves too much but I will tell you what, after living with Verna I know EXACTLY what I would want to be! She is SUPER GRANNY!

She garden's, walks all by herself, doesn't have oxygen, still takes complete control of her hygiene and only has 3 medications.. she seriously doesn't act a day over 80. The secret to her success? I think it is that she has NEVER stopped moving! I wanna be her some day!

Her daughters Mareen and Shari threw her a glorious 99th birthday luncheon with her friends from the ward and grand daughters. I am pretty sure that everyone that received and invite came! Now that is impressive. Her party shows the respect and admiration that people have for her, don't you think?!

Happy, Happy Birthday my dear Roomie! One more year and you will be an official LEGEND!


Jamie said...

Check out that woman's smile. What a happy person. -Maybe that too is part of her living so long is her happiness.
Love your blonde hair. You look gorgeous!


She is so dang cute!!! What a fun day!!

marilyn said...

She is soooo cute, and Meg you look so good and so happy, you better be because we miss you, your super granny is lucky to have you and I'm sure she is grateful for you Love you

Amber said...

She looks beautiful and so do you! I loved talking to you the other day!