Monday, January 25, 2010

Celebrating my sweet GHETTO!

Today is one of my bestest EFY's friend's Birthday! She is off to the Bahama's to celebrate...JEALOUS!!
Back in the first year days of EFY (2002) this darling girl, Stephanie Nelson and I found each other and FELL INSTANTLY into friendship!
She is ABSOLUTELY one of the funnest, sassiest and adorable people I had met in my life!
We each call each other GHETTO.
I started calling her that when she was telling me that she had a "ghetto butt" and now that is ALL I call her. The sad truth is all of our friends (that aren't all friends with the other one of us) only know us as Ghetto.. They don't even know our REAL names!
I have had so many tearful heart to hearts with this girl and we have also had tearful belly laughs together. My wedding business would have been NOTHIN' if it wasn't for all the sacrifice, love and help that she put into the weddings. She would always call me and volunteer her time to help build my business and she was DANG GOOD AT IT!

We went to Puerto Rico together 2 years ago and had an absolute blast. Our whole group received 3rd degree burns! We did moan and groan but still found cause for laughter! We are fake smiling in this picture. How could you not smile though..look at that scenery. Ghetts was soo sunburned lets just say it wasn't her choice to have that skirt on..

Here is the proof of our sad sunburns that we had to fly home with (doped on TYLENOL PM) and all ended up in urgent care facilities!
All of us..

This is us buying Aloe Vera at the Walgreens.. All the workers only spoke Spanish but as soon as we walked in, they KNEW what we were there for and directed us to the aisle!

My sweet Ghetts, I love you so dearly! I am so proud of all that you have become in the past 8 yrs of knowing you! You have handled many difficult challenges, overcome such mountains and become so full of charity and so much better through those times! I am so thankful that I can call you're one of my besties, you definitely deserve that title! Thanks for you love, compassion and charity towards me!
Be safe on your vacay and come home to me soon!!


Bethany said...

love it. good memories. happy birthday steph!! you are incredible!!