Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is not a lie.. check the news...
Arizona has declared a State of Emergency!!

Yes, this SCORPION inside the back door of my house is a REAL
I am seriously ready to pack my bags and head for home... forget about a job.
Why did God create these ugly, iridescent, stinging creatures anyway?!
(Don't answer that.. I want to be dramatic right now.. Monica!! hahaha)
My skin is crawling with the thought of scorpions stinging me in my bed (thanks to that story from my home teacher), in the shower, on my feet as I walk barefoot (thank Monica)...
I am just beside myself! Pray for me... Alexis Drive truly has a state of disaster tonight..
I might just go mad.. thinking about all the ways I may get tortured by Mr. Glowing Scorpion.

Now, to talk about the REAL state of emergency (although I feel like mine is also one!)!

It's Raining...It's Pouring... It's Flooding...
Tornado Warning!!
Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer signed a declaration of emergency for her state after it has been experiencing severe storms, according to theOffice of the Governor.
The Governor’s declaration will release $200,000 from the Governor’s Emergency Funds, which currently contains approximately $2.7 million, to pay for emergency response and recovery expenses from the weather events

I have been gigglin' about the RAIN since I got here. I arrived with NON-working windshield wipers and everyone told me, you don't need windshield wipers here, it NEVER rains in ARIZONA (yes these were AZ natives that told me this!) It has rained 50% of the days that I have been here! Granted not all day most of the time.. but rain for sure! It is so interesting to me how much the people here LOVE these storms! I had a lady at the bank today dance when she saw how wet my check had gotten in the rain, friends telling me how wonderful.. haha I guess I still feel like I am on vacation and it steals from my daily walk in the sunshine.. so I am NOT a fan!
Right now as I type this (still glancing to the wall, floor and doors scoping for scorpions I might add) the wind and rain are BEATING against my house. I keep thinking that the granny has gotten out of her sick bed but's the rain!
The Emergency Essentials side of me, is coming out, with the tornado warnings to the Phoenix Metro area tonight.
Don't worry Pectol family, I have filled my van with gas (with non working windshield wipers, I don't know how that will help), I have candles gathered in one area, I know where my purse and granny's meds are, I have 100 calorie pack chocolates on hand and a case of water bottles...
MAN, I AM in a state of emergency.. sooo unprepared in this AZ home!
Arizona Whitings.. you better watch out.. we may be joining you for homemade bread.. hope you have a box oven! :)


JAMIE said...

Scorpions? Ack!!! Go buy some Raman, I'm sure there is a case lot sale somewhere! :)

Andrea said...

ok 1. gross. i mean GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
2. the rain. . .oh honey i know. we are sending what we get here your way. . . it's pretty intense. i mean it's not HUGE but for san diego and it's very mild climate. it's quite a lot.

Monica said...

I guessed it!!! I new you were posting this!!! I love it! I don't think you are dramatic at ALL!!! No fear Monica is here! I will be your scorpion hunter I will send the boys over with the blacklight so they will all be gone! No worries! And about the is an answer to our prayers! We need to get those windshield wipers fixed though and then the sun will only shine!

{amy k.} said...

ewww scorpions, no fun!

Hope you stay safe and dry!!!

Valerie Hall said...

I have been LOVING this rain!!!! Okay, the tornado thing really freaked me out but the rain has been awesome! In the year and a half I have been in AZ this has been more rain in 1 day than I have seen the entire time I have lived here combined! As for the scorpions....I would DIE! I hate all bugs and if I see any bug inside my house I freak out and can't sleep that night. I pay good money to keep them out of my house but I have been lucky so far and haven't seen a scorpion:) I am sorry you had to experience that one!

Your text made me laugh pretty hard though!