Friday, March 20, 2009

A complaint sometimes go a long way!

I had a new experience today. I realized that sometimes a valid complaint can benefit you greatly!

I have been a mothers helper to a family in Highland quite a bit lately and being in highland gives a good excuse to go to my Fav sandwich shop from the days I lived in Carbondale, IL... Jimmy Johns. I love that shop. They make the most delectable homemade wheat bread and add on the special tuna fish and you have a delicious lunch! I have been going about once a week and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well today I had a situation in their drive through... I ordered a my adoring sandwich spoken of above, granted these sandwich's aren't cheap ($6.87)and asked also for some ice (i had a drink from earlier today and wanted to make it colder) as well. Surprisingly they told me that if I would like some ice, I would have to pay the full price for a drink. I said to the lady in the speaker, "Really?, you want me to pay $1.79 for a cup of ice?" She said that is the only way I can give you some. So I said, I will just take the sandwich.

When I came to the window the lady just had a weird smirk on her face, like saying, I am in a NO mood today, as I pulled up and handed her the money, I politely replied, "Could you put some ice in a bag for me?" she said, sorry we don't have plastic bags. I said, "will you please put it in a paper bag for me? I am just going to dump it into my own cup" She said, Sorry, that is a violation of health code and then she just starts giggling like she is playing a game with me. I took my sandwich out of her hand and drove off.

The ride home is about 25 minutes and I was getting madder and madder as I drove. Finally I decided that as dumb as this is, I am going to call the manager and tell them how dumb I think it is that they would make such a HUGE deal over a thing like ice. Our conversation went like this...
Me: I have never done this before and definitely not over something as small as
this but I just wanted to let you know how frustrated that I am feeling
Jennifer the manager: Ok, what happened?
Me: I just drove through and
bought a sandwich and asked for some ice to go with an existing drink I had and
was refused ice.
Jennifer: Jimmy Johns has a no free drink policy
Well, I can understand that, but I wasn't asking for a drink I was asking for
Jennifer: I am sorry but it costs about $2.00 for a cup of ice.
Well, that is absolutely ridiculous. Ice costs you nothing. I was more than
willing to pay something for the cup but not full beverage price.
well that is Jimmy Johns policy. I am sorry if you don't understand that.
Me: Jimmy Johns corporate policy?
Jennifer: Yes, ma'am.
Me: Well
then I apologize Jennifer for stating this complaint to you, it appears I should
be calling Jimmy Johns corporate. Sorry to bother you with this complaint, I
will get a hold of them. Have a good day (hung up)

***No more than 10 minutes later my phone rings (granted I hadn't called the corporate office yet, I was still in my car) ***

Me: Hello?
Jennifer: Hi Megan, this is Jennifer who you just talked to at
Jimmy Johns.
Me: Oh.. hi?
Jennifer: I just wanted to call you back and
apologize that the owner heard our conversation and let me know that we do give
complimentary cups inside for water and the same should be in the drive through,
so we want to have your next 4 meals here on us!
Me: I really just wanted to
call and let you know that maybe you need to change your policy cause asking for
a cup of ice isn't the most unusual request.
Jennifer: And we just wanted to
call and tell you that you are right and would like to show our appreciation
with the free meals.
Me: Thank you for your apology, I really appreciate it
and will love the meals!

In the past I have been afraid to stand up for a SMALL minuet request like this, but today, it paid off and I am sure the drive through now knows all to well, that ice is FREE!! Thank you Jimmy Johns for being able to admit a mistake!


Jamie said...

I am so proud of you. I think people need to complain more. I get screwed over so many things, and it seems with the right approach, the matter gets resolved. Way to go!!

Amber said...

Wow, I might try my luck asking for ice! Way to be assertive! I LOVE it! =D!

Monica said...

Oh I love it! I am always asking for things like that! Wade has taught me that you get 90% of what you ask for. Try it out the statistic is really works! I love to hear stories like that! I don't know what is wrong with some people how they put policy over people. I was always taught that the customers always right!

Angie said...

Woo Hoo! Good job! I always think in a situation like that..."If I owned this store, would I want to know how my customers were treated?" Heck yah! Good job!

Kaela Cusack said...

GOOD FOR YOU! i love Jimmy John's too :) I'm glad they were nice...or I'd have to boycott (and i didn't want to do that!). Let's go sometime :) It reminds me of home too!

Amy Jensen said...

That story was making me mad too, how ridiculous! I am glad that they made the situation a better one though. Good for you!

jill said...

Good work Meg!!

Heidi said...

yay! Good for you! I've lately become more confident about that type of thing and it really just makes you feel better. It's possible to make something right without being a jerk about it. Way to go. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your response to Jennifer was priceless! You should write those exact words down in your planner for the next time something like this happens. Score a BIG ONE for you!!


Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Crazy! Way to call back Megs! I miss you! Looks like life is going great! Good luck on your addition tape! I will totally check back to look for news! P.S....Jimmy Johns...why I oughttaaaa!