Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You all know him as the infamous SCOTTY in my life!

Today is a treasured day, a hallowed day! For on this day 28yrs ago a star was born and the heavens sang!
As many of you know Scotty is not only like a brother to me, he is one of my bestest friends in the world! We have lots of fun times together. How can you NOT have a fun time when most of the fun times are critiquing food!! YUMMO! We love to shop, eat, watch movies, laugh and people watch together!! What more do you need from life right?!

Writing a blog about this man is like drinking water from a fire hose. There is just too much great things that I can say and TOO many memories that I can share. Some of you will get it and others of you may need more explanation, but all that matters is that "the boy, potkins, dottie, creapy uncle" whatever the nickname of the day he is called get's it!

Scotty here are some of the memories or things that I love about you...

  • Cruisin together is one of the best things that we can do. We win BIG (even a bottle of wine...don't worry we gave it away to the first drunkards we found) and we eat like KINGS no calories spared!
  • We are definitely not afraid nor embarrassed to pay a little skinny man in Cabo $5 to bike the two of our chaffed, not little skinny bodies 3 miles to the ship dock
  • Scotty hypnotised? Need I say more?!

  • Scotty is the awesomest boss of all times. My fav was us NON morning people working the opening shift together...where does depression hurt? EVERYWHERE!

  • There is no one I would rather be irreverent with at church (hence why we no longer sit together!)

  • If I want someone to REALLY enjoy the yummiest thing I have made or found in a restaurant, he is who I would chose to be with

  • He wins the most immaculate house award hands down

  • Never know what accent is going to come out of his mouth when he is telling a story or making a point

  • Car sense? Scotty's got it!! He knows everything about cars and loves to help anyone find a good deal

  • Scotty can't walk near a penny slot machine.. there is something about the fact that you can pull the lever 100 times for only a dollar that makes him go crazy! But it is literally one of the funniest obsessions I have ever seen him possess!

  • Want a trip buddy.. scotty is the perfect travel companion!

  • I have never seen a boy more adored by his sisters. He starts to tell stories and they are glued in ready for a good one!

  • Scotty and I had bordering missions (Michigan/Ohio). It is so much fun to talk about the people we taught, the places we shopped and the food we ate.. it is so similar!

  • Scotty is just good company. I am always glad when I get to spend time with him

  • He is loyal, dedicated, and always someone that can be counted on at church or at home.

These are some of the fun and dearest things about Scotty Pectol. But the most important of all is he is NEVER afraid to be exactly who he is, no matter where he is and that is the NUMBER ONE thing I love about this boy!

Happy Birthday my dear partner in crime!! Can't wait for MANY MORE of these memories in the years to come!


Scott said...

My megs... You are so good to me. Thanks for spending my bday with me. I could not have asked for more! Your so wonderful!!!! Love you!

Angie said...

I read this outloud to my mom and we both laughed soooo hard! I did get ferschnickity too! I loved the fire hose comment...that is beyond true! I had so much fun with y'all yesterday! Scotty's birthday should be everyday!

Jamie said...

Love the last picture of you two. You look good in black. Which sounds funny, cuz black isn't a color. But, not too many people look good in it, but you do!!

JAMIE said...

I think I need to be friends with Scott too. :) Happy Birthday to your friend!

Katie Jo said...

You don't know me but we have MANY mutual friends, which have all told me we would be great friends. Next time I come to Provo I'll have Scott get us all together. Great tribute for Scott... he is definately wonderful!
Katie Jo