Friday, March 13, 2009

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY....Uncle Mark

As you can tell this has been 3 days in a row of BIRTHDAYS! But I just had to post about my Uncle Marky.. He is such a BIG part of who I am...

I mean where do you think I got my loudness from?!

As most of you know, I grew up with my Dad out of picture and my Uncle Mark was one of the men in my life that picked up a few pieces. My life was blessed several times by Uncle Mark at Daddy daughter dates and blessings of healings etc. I always felt like the luckiest girl there when I had Uncle Mark at my side!

Mark was my protector. He also took the role of Dad when My brother and I were having issues. He would always come to my rescue, probably LOTS more than he wanted too! :)

Mark always has a joke in a hand, always relentlessly teases the waitress at the restraunt, gooses you in a store when you don't even know he is around, but our whole family will tell you what the BEST thing about him is.. HIS LOUD BIRTHDAY SONG in public places. He sings a few notes behind everyone else at the top of his lungs.. and yes this is on purpose! He has done it our whole lives and it still makes us laugh to tears every time he does it.. Never gets old!All the joking aside Uncle Mark has one of the purest and loving hearts of anyone in my life. He is sensitive to the spirit and loves deeply. Whenever he comes into family things the first thing he does is go hug and kiss everyone. I love that I can always count on him for that!
Uncle Mark, I hope you always stay a child at heart and even though this is considered a doom and gloom Birthday, I hope you see it as a celebration of all that you have. You have loving parents, 1o wonderful Brothers and Sisters, millions of neices and nephews (even though you don't know most of the little ones names) A gorgeous wife, 5 amazing and beautiful children, 3 fantastic son-in-laws, 6 grandbabies, and HUNDREDS of people that love and support you!

50 years doesn't seem so bad after all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Jamie said...

Well, I was going to do a post on him but.... how do you follow that? That got me teary eyed. I know my dad would say the same things about you! :-)

Amy Jensen said...

It got me teary eyed as well, how the heck am I supposed to follow that?? That was sweet, love ya Megs!

Shropdog said...

...and that makes three! Meg, really unexpected, and really kind!You da bomb! That's my Meggie, always thainking of someone else.

Love you, Uncle Mark