Monday, March 16, 2009

Friends Blogging about little ole' me?

Since I use my blog as a journal to myself as well, I had to post this blog entry that was written about me on my friend Em's blog! Thanks Em for loving me and honoring me.
Monday, March 16, 2009

my favorite plus size barbie

So, I know this girl, Meg, who's fabulous and amazing, and who I love, and I just spent an hour or so cyber-stalking her on Blogger and facebook. Anyway these, are her favorite quotes that she has on facebook, and they are now my favorite quotes for the evening, and I'm posting them in honor of feeling lifted and inspired by all of Meg's writings.

Yay Meg.

**It's okay to have a bad day, not a bad life!
**Fat people are harder to kidnap!
**Sometimes you have to trade something we want, for something we want
**Girls, lock your cupboards and stop letting the freeloaders in!

There will be days so dreadful that you may regret ever getting out of bed,
and there will be days so beautiful that you'll wish they would never end. You
can make something good and valuable out of all of them.Some people you meet
will make you instantly feel that you've known them for years. Others you meet
may make you want to get as far away from them as quickly as you can.All kinds
of people are equally worthy of your kindness, respect and consideration, and
have their own valuable gifts to offer. Remind yourself often of that.There will
be stretches of time when you'll feel you can't get anything right, and there
will be periods when everything you touch seems to turn to gold. Don't allow
either extreme to get the best of you or to compromise your precious
integrity.You'll experience times of boundless joy, and moments of overwhelming
frustration. You'll discover places of extraordinary beauty, and regions of
terrifying ugliness.Through it all, remember that whatever you may encounter is
virtually insignificant when compared with what you choose to do with it. Always
choose the best response, no matter what comes your way, and each day you'll
rise a little higher than you were the day before.-- Ralph Marston

I was so honored that my sweet Em would post these things that she has learned from me! Of course they are things I love, but someone else has said them first! But I am SOOO glad to be her favorite plus sized barbie!!

Em, you are a shining light to everyone that you come in contact with! You have wisdom beyond your years and I have and always will adore you! I loved our magical BYU team summer we spent at EFY! You were always so on top of everything and kept us all going and laughing! You are a true woman of GOD!

Thanks for spending time with me on my blog and facebook tonight. It means the world to me that as busy as a mother can be, you chose to spend time learning about me and my life! Love you always!

*** EXTRA SNIPPET*** If you wonder where the Fat people are harder to kidnap saying comes from.. it is from a YOU TUBE video I saw and nearly died laughing. It is a Marriott commercial from Singapore and I thought it was clever.... It is a good laugh. a disclaimer... I have heard from others when I post You tube videos that if you click on other videos that pop up they aren't very appropriate. So don't go searching You tube off this video link.. just watch this video... happy laughing


Shine said...

That is so sweet can I steal that cute quote? I love friends like that and they are hard to find! She is right though you are a sweetie!