Thursday, March 12, 2009

You have arrived... HAPPY 30th KEV!

How could we not celebrate the birth of our sweet Kev! I love this boy!
You can always count of Kev for a great phone chat, a listening ear, a big chuckle or as a stalwart friend. I love the spontaneous side of Kev where he breaks out into song or dance. Where he gets everyone involved in a fun themed party or a game that pulls you out of your comfort zone. He always has been the glue that holds such good friends together. He is the first to build you up and make you feel that you couldn't have done better and will also laugh with you when things go differently than imagined. Kev has a million dollar smile that never stops!
I love when I see him or even a picture of him, it INSTANTLY brings a smile to my face. He is always so great at keeping in touch and keeping track of people through emails, get togethers, phone calls and texts. And he is so intuitive as to when he does contact you, it is EXACTLY when you need it!
One of my favorite memories of Kev was from my first BC summer at EFY. When we were checking in for BC training registration I went to his table he was busy at work as always and didn't realize that he didn't look up. When I saw that he didn't know who was standing there I took advantage of the situation and when he said, "your name please?" I looked down at the name tags there and saw one that said Barbie (for Barbie Brett) and he looked up and gave me a grimise and I said, "PLUS SIZE Barbie" it was the talk and joke of BC training and so the first week of EFY. I made him Ken, Julie Little, Skipper, the real Barbie, barbie of course and I was Plus size Barbie and I made them all shirts and we were the Barbie family! I don't know where the picture is where ALL of us are in it together.. but here is a sample! There is not a single person you will ever meet that does not adore him or have something positive to say about him! I admire his people skills and the fact that he realizes the most important part of life besides the gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth that it is the people that matter most. Kev thanks for your abounding love and friendship to all of us! Thanks for you constancy in our lives. For the things that you share and for the ways that you love that is so unique to people in our days. I love that I know I will always be in contact with you. That I can count on Peterson family parties and themed get togethers forever because that is who you are! I love how you know how to love so individually to fit peoples needs and that you aren't afraid of embracing the creative things (scrapbooks, chick flicks, decor, cooking) in life, in fact you do it head on! You are truly amazing and I love you! HAPPY 30th!


Julie Erickson said...

From the Erickson's to the Peterson's... We love you and wish you a happy birthday! Please thank you mother for birthing you from us!

Anna said...

Does it seriously get any better than Kevin Peterson? I don't think so! Happy Birthday!

Mindy said...

I don't know Kevin well. He was a coordinator when I was a counselor. But what I do know is that he let us have FLIP-FLOP FRIDAYS! Woot! Woot! For that, I will appreciate him forever! :)