Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's here it for the Girl... The Birthday Girl DEVENEY!

I couldn't start my day off with out a shout out to my sweet Deveney! She has celebrated my birthday with me oh so many times since our blessed meeting at EFY! I even have a birthday picturebook she made me one year! One of my prized possessions!
Dev is an all star! She is a trend setter! She is the first to make you laugh your guts out! She is the life of the party, a diva! If only I could come close to looking so fashionable ALL the time, even when she is dressed down! Dev is the only person I have EVER turned over a nanny family too. She became a member of the family! I was so glad that it worked out! I knew they would love her as much as I did!

We have had more fun in groups than I could ever count! I worked a summer with her on my specific team at EFY and I don't think I have ever had more fun and she was always so good at entertaining my wacky ideas... tuck in anyone?

Then the day came when she found her one true love.. Oh how we love Chris!

They started their Happily ever after and now how this most adorable baby, Paisley that I have yet to meet but can tell from all the pictures that I see that she is a bundle of personalty like her Mommy!

Dev I miss your smile, your laugh, your look, your fun... I miss having you at get together's. You are the BEST!! I hope this Birthday brings you a day full of love and magical memories!

I love you my sweet Dev!

** I am sorry if I have missed your Birthday. I depend of facebook to remind me. If you aren't in there or you don't have your Birthday listed chances are I won't remember to do a birthday blog for you. Sorry...


Desiree said...

Meg, I love your birthday tribute to Dev. You're so great and she's so great. Love you both so, so much.
And... I had forgotten about the tuck in and that night! Oh, that was SO funny! The mattress, the pool table, scott stonehocker, the elevator... oh dear! SO FUNNY! Never a dull moment with either of you around. :)

deveney said...

meg!!! sorry for the lateness, but THANK YOU!!! that was so sweet and really made me feel loved and like i have friends..even though sometimes out here is sd i feel like i don't have any friends. thanks for making me feel special, i cherish our memories together! good luck with biggest loser, that is awesome!! love you:)