Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carly Cusack is 25 today..HIP HIP HOORAY!

As you know I served my mission in this wonderful place called OHIO! Carly is one of the blessings of my mission. How I love her.. she was a pain in the rear teenager then, but she has become a GORGEOUS, talented, educated and loving woman today! Carly is from my sweet adopted mission family, the Cusack-Lewis crew!

I definately celebrate Carly's birth and these are a few reason's why...

Carly knows how to have fun! She is fun-loving and as long as you don't do something to embarras her, she will play along with you!

Carly is talented... she runs marathons! I don't know about you, but that is TALENT to me!

(She even went to Hawaii to run one!)

Carly has a love for he Country. She is in the Air Force, a nurse, (I hope I got that right) and works at a hospital as a nurse taking care of children. All I know is she always talks about her kids in San Antonio and loves them deeply.

Carly loves her new found best-friend Kyle. BFF if you know what I mean!?!

Carly loves her family deeply, if someone is hurting, she is hurting...they are her best friends!Above all, Carly has a love affair with the Gospel Of Jesus Christ! She has allowed it deeply into her life and wants everyone to have the same peace and knowledge that she has gained.

It wouldn't be right to stop this Birthday tribute without showing you the "TEXAS PRIDE" Carly willingly shows off! She is cute in a cowboy hat ain't she?! Don't worry, she has more midwest pride!

Happy Birthday my sweet Carlyn! If you didn't know by now... I ADORE YOU!