Monday, September 1, 2008

Million-dollar Monday: Jess was the first ever to take home the million!!

What a fabulous Monday for my old school EFY partner Jessica Simmons Robinson!! We were partner's back in 2003 at BYU!

Way to go Jess for making History and being the FIRST EVER MILLION DOLLAR WINNER!! Jessica Robinson Becomes First Deal or No Deal Millionaire
Tuesday September 2, 2008

By Carrie Grosvenor, Guide to Game Shows

Well, we knew it was coming, and here it is. Jessica Robinson, who is pregnant with her second child and dreaming of moving to Texas, won a million dollars on
Deal or No Deal Monday night. She's the first million dollar winner on the show which is kicking off its fourth season with a Million Dollar Mission.Robinson started off her game with five cases holding $1,000,000. The game itself was rather uneventful until near the end, with the only surprise being that one of the cases held the gender of the baby, which Robinson's husband didn't know. (It's a boy.) Robinson had an uncanny knack for knowing how much money was in the cases she chose, calling out the penny, the $10 case, the $50 case, and a few others before they were even opened. Her chosen case, #4, held one of the million dollar offerings, and she played the game to the end, turning down the banker's final offer of $561,000.It was disappointing, however, to know how the game would turn out before it even started. In the future, I really hope that NBC and any other network will think twice about revealing the outcome of a game show before it airs. It's one thing to tease that the contestant will win big, or that this will be an episode that we don't want to miss. But the knowledge that Jessica Robinson would walk out with the top prize really took away from the excitement of watching the game.That said, huge congratulations to Jessica Robinson and her family! She was a great contestant, full of energy and guts, and I hope she gets to move to Texas and buy a great house with her winnings.


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Awesome! That makes two big deal or no deal winners now from EFY.

The Burners said...

Shut up! Unbelieveable. Did you just not die when you saw it?!Oh man, what awesome day for her!

Amy Jensen said...

That is nuts wish it was me!!