Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Friday: Soakin up the Sun

Cruisin Together: Farewell to Single-ness Cabo Style
No, I am not making an annoucement that I am going to leave the single world, but a couple on our cruise hopefully will be in the next few months. So we decided to take our long planned cruise (4 yrs in the makng) before another one of us enters holy matrimony. Holli beat us all too it before she could come with us!

Meet the Crew.. Amy (Meemsy) and Quentin (the ones we are waiting for.) Me And Scotty.
If you can't tell by my face, Cruisin makes me happy :)

Now that I am back to life, back to reality, I want to share with you the highlights of the cuise and let you know that I had a fabulous time while I was away!
We started driving 9 at night on Wed and got to Primm, NV early in the morning. Took a few hours nap and were up and driving again, we couldn't even stand the thought of missing our cruise! We made it to the cruise and checked out every nook and cranny of the boat. We got more and more excited as we found out the activities that we could participate in! It's funny how each vacation I take there is a different need to fulfill. This one I wanted to just stay relaxed. Feel as though there was no needs or cares in the world. I layed out (with my sundress on to prevent burning) and just really pondered on my blessings! I loved my time to think about myself for once!
We loved the activities on the ship... lip sincs, Battle of the Sexes, Name that Tune, Bingo, Scavenger hunt "Where's Weezie" and hypnotist show etc.. SO fun!I loved playing BINGO with all the youngins on the ship.. who says it is only for old folk! Scotty got hypnotised! I knew it had worked when he was scratching strangers feet and smelling literaly for 2 minutes the inside of strangers shoes. Not to mention the licking his arms and legs and crying at a SAD movie! It was hysterical! We tried to buy a video but they didn't tape it, who does that?!There was a scavenger hunt on board a few times a day called "Where is Weezie?" This is weezie. She is from Scotland. She is the Assistant Cruise ship director. They would have clues several times a day to find her. Scotty and I chanced into her one day and kept on playing. We won 1st place and were called on stage and presented these prizes: Champagne (we gave it to the first drunk people we saw on te ship hahaha they are everywhere!), An insulated Carnival drink glass, A scrapbook and a shp on a stick (trophy).

Now the food... Oh boy! Have you ever wanted to be treated like royalty!? Cruise is what will do that for you! You get served around every turn. Want a panini with specific things on it? You've got it! Got a sweet tooth? No problem ice cream 24 hours a day! Too tired to leave your room? No issues. Room service is ABSOLUTELY free, 24 hours a day! If you don't like food, or are afraid to eat.. a cruise is not for you!!
This is an example of the food you are served by 2 of your "own" waiters at our same table every night. This was Lobster and blacktiger Shrimp. It was fun to be able to get dressed up at night and be treated so well and eat WAY TOO GOOD!

This is all of us with our table waiters. Cruz and Armando. They are amazing and funny!

But it was just as fun to go from the pool or a chair on deck and eat the lunch buffets and then go back out to enjoying the gorgeous weather.

The sites you get to see on a cruise... It is amazing to have open water all around you then to pull up to the most beautiful land you have ever seen and wondered if you are dreaming! Then have an all day pass off the ship to do anything your heart desires. Just visit on the beach, shop, swim with dolphins, there is a WHOLE array of things to do at all different budgets.o.

This is lovers beach. It was really absolutely GORGEOUS!

The Sea Lions

Scotty and I at lover's beach. Wondering why I wearing my sun dress off my shoulders. 1) it was a little to big. 2) My upper arms is where my third degree burn is still really sensitive.

Believe me I am NOT trying to be sexy!

Meemsy and Q at Lovers Beach. Are they not the cutest lovers you have seen! :)This guy was a lifesaver. Scotty and I hired him to pull us back to the ship dock after a long, hot day walking the streets in Cabo.... worth every dollar and then some! I was EXHAUSTED!
The little things that were done for us on our cruise ship just make the experience even more memorable. Every night when you come back in your room from dinner, your 'Room Steward" leaves you an animal made out of towels and some mints! We looked forward to what was going to be there. This is my favorite one. Also our room stewards filled up the mini cooler I brought with drinks in it too without being asked! Great service!

As you can tell Cruise life was fun. I loved it and hope everyone that likes the same things as me gets to have an experience like this in their lives! The best time of year to get very inexpensive prices is Sept-the end of Jan. You should be able to find a room for $299 pp or less. I recommend it to anyone! We also made a stop at Disney on our way home... that will have to be talked about next Friday!

Meemsy, Scotty and Q thanks for such a fun time together. A memory I wil never forget! Loved Cruisin Togetha!


jill said...

I love the picture of you with the bingo cards, you look like you had a blast!!

Jamie said...

Okay, I'm a little jealous. I LOVE cruises! So fabulous. I would go on another cruise, for just the food alone. You would be one fun chick to go on a cruise with. You're quite the party animal. Next cruise you go on, I better be getting an invite!

Meg said...

Interesting you say that! I actually thought we should do a girls Cousins cruise for those 18 and older!! I think we would have a BLAST!

Mike & Valerie Hall said...

Your pictures are so cute. I want to go on a cruise so bad, it looks like so much fun!