Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Thomas!! Your the Best!

This is another time I wish I had a scanner and knew how to use it! It was my sweet Thomas Heaps 10th Bday and I have the cutest pictures of him from when I got to watch him 6 years ago while his Sister Emily was going through her first Bone Marrow transplant.

I love Thomas because he knows who he is. He knows how to treat others and he is one of the most loving, accepting kids around.

I have so many fun memories of Thomas as a little guy. He always wanted to chase me around and pretend to kill me just to come and comfort me when I was faking dead on the ground. "Get Up! I was just's not for real! Are you ok?!"

He loved to sing at the top of his lungs with me. We had the EFY CD in the car and sang "We Believe" at the top of our lungs the summer before my first year. He was 3 and he had the whole song memorized!

We sang and read so many books on the couch every day. He loved to run errands with me, go shopping and just be my little buddy!

Thomas is great at anything he tries. He is good at sports, singing and I believe one day he could make an AMAZING actor, his voice is deep and so actor-esk.

One of the things I treasure most is at the time I watched Jackie and Thomas, I had only been home from my mission about a year. My mission buddies were always calling me or around all of us. They always called me by my last name, so Thomas started calling me Gazaway. I love it to this day when he calls me that cause it reminds me of such a sweet time in my life, when I got to be with this kid every day!

Thomas, I am so glad that you are you! I am so thankful that you know how to love and smile and sing and laugh and be sweet. Everytime I get to be with you, I am happier when I leave!
You have a real zeal for life, for adventure. You play hard and you love deeply!

Happy Birthday Big GUY! I'LL LOVE YOU ALWAYS!


Mindy said...

Ohhh, he was sounding like a really stellar kid but then ... Then I saw that BYU hat! ;)

Brand N' Kys said...

You know what I love about you Meg? You always have a new post to look at. You keep things interesting. You need to teach me how to change my blog so it telling me when people made new post? I cant figure it out?

Monica said...

That was so darling! We are so blessed to have you in our family! You make everyone feel special!