Sunday, September 21, 2008


Happy Birthday Sweet Laur!

Lauren Celeste Tinker, is my Alabama roomie who lived with me at Grandpa and Grandma's house and then moved with me to the house of seven.

She is known by many different names: Miss Tinker, Tinkerbell, Laur Laur, Lauren, Bama, girl, and much more! No matter what she is called, this sweet girl's name is reverenced in our family!

My nephews love her more than they love me as you can see in the following pictures! Everytime they come over now they ask where their "friends" are that is Laur and her cousin Megan. She let them use her as a tumbling mat, even just in there cool power ranger underware!

And for watching movies, she was the best cuddle partner EVER! (Atleast Kobe thinks so!)
How do I know Laur? I met her first through Jen at our Crestwood apartment and then when we lived in Illinois we took a roadtrip to see her and her cousin Megan over conference weekend 2005. We had a BLAST in Memphis with them! That next Summer of 2006 I was able to work with her at the midwest sessions for EFY and fell absessed with her! Later that fall, she moved in to Gpa and Gma's house with Kelli and I. If I had a choice I would have kept Laur right next to me, in my life FOREVER!! She is a breathe of fresh air! Some of the reasons I love Bama...
  • She is always doing something hillarious to embarrass or hurt herself

  • Always has a cleaver story and will share it till you are laughing so hard you are baulling or wetting yourself
  • Her accent
  • Her love of the temple and the scriptures. There are 2 things that I could ALWAYS expect out of Laur. To wake up to her reading her scriptures at the kitchen counter and to go to the temple ATLEAST once a week.

  • The way that she said example: a shopping cart was always called a "Buggy"

  • her UNCONDITIONAL love for people. Everyone that crossed paths with her instantly felt like they were her best friend

  • Her love of her family...especially her "DADDY" and niece and nephew (even though that is what took her away from us!)
  • The way her and Megan finished eachothers sentances and laughed themselves to sleep every night.
Like I mentioned before, Laur's family is the focus of her life and she can't live without them...

Can you blame her.. Look at them they are GORGEOUS!

That smile of her's just makes me miss her all the more. As you can see Lauren definately deserves a Birthday Shout out! Utah missed you Laur. I know you are happy being back with your family but I also want you to know that Utah wishes you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!