Monday, September 8, 2008


This the first time that I have been "tagged" in a post and weirdly I am way excited about it! Everyone knows that I LOVE peoples quirks. To me, quirks are endearing and I love to watch the random things that make people tick.

My cousin Jamie tagged me this and I am ashamed to admit that while I figured out my QUIRKS I am pretty sure they all have to do with OCD. Oh well, you gotta embrace who you are, right?

I'm supposed to list 6 "quirky" things about myself. So, here it goes:

1. Dish unloading and loading

I am so perticular when it comes to how the dishes are done. They need to be lined in the dishwasher a certain way (cups down either side, bowls down the middle of the top. Pots and pans, cutting boards, and plates on the bottom). If I open up my dishwasher and things are shoved in there, I will be the first to re-organize. Who re-organizes dirty dishes?! ME!. Also unloading. I hate when people unload just to do it. What happened to if you do it, do it right?! Why would you put dishes that are still wet and stack them into each other in the cabinet, that is just gross! GERMS! I have to dry all the dishes that are moist and there is a specific plae in each drawer for a certain genre of dish! I will be the first to re-organize a drawer, cupboard etc!
2. Bedding
I would be a liar if I didn't admit that one of my BIGGEST quirks is my bed, or any bed for that matter! I think it is a cardinal sin to sit or lay on an already made bed! Pretty much NOTHING drives me battier! I think it is due to the case that my YW Kelly Stayner helped me PU my very first themed bedroom set and taught me that you should NEVER use your comforter top for anything but decor. If you want to lay down, you should roll it down before positioning yourself on it. She told me that the oils on your body will make it dirty and it will last a lifetime if you don't EVER let anyone sit on it while it is made. Sitting or laying on a made bed to me is like scratching a chalk board! :)

3. Organization containers and Labels

I am a sucker for organization. I think I pretty much own everything that allows you to have an organized space. My roomies experience this a lot. I even have labels on shelves in the freezer (gave each of them their own compartments)refrigeratorbread drawer, cupboards etc.

I would have to admit that I get a lot of grief for my femine products organizer (see the pic below for a laugh at my quirk) I defend myself by saying that it is in my guest bathroom and what if someone has "emergency needs" they will open the cupboard and know EXACTLY where to go! (Always the Mother hen).

My favorites are probably my shoe organizers (which as you can see.. I have many!)

4. Cleaning:My Favorite Spray

So there are 2 quirks that I have when it comes to cleaning. The first would have to be that I can't clean ANYTHING without my favorite SPRAYAWAY brand spray available ONLY at Costco. You get 4 cans for like $8.00. I use it on my granite counter tops, stove top, windows and glass, tv, shelves, stainless steel, pretty much EVERYTHING but wood! If you tried it, you too would be addicted!

The next would be my cleaning order. My Mom will be the first to make fun of this quirk. When a room really needs to be clean, I will start in a cupboard or closet first before anything on the floor etc. If your closet or cupboard is in order, I believe that the rest goes into place so easily!

5. Laundry: OCD to the max!
I am SOOO particular with my laundry! I would NEVER mix anything that isn't the same hue. My whites will be washed on HOT. My lights (pastels) will be washed on warm/cold. And my darks will be washed on cold/cold. The only things that I ever dry are underware and socks, undershirts, pajamas and towels and sheets. The rest get hung to dry or laid on drying racks.
The other thing is that I am really picky how my underware and undershirts are stored. They are always rolled and placed in piles and baskets. I can't wear them from a laundry basket, they have to be organized. I know I am weird!

And last but definately not least... drum roll please...........

6. Eating Habits

This is something that gets commented on everytime I go out with people. I apparenly have weird ways that I eat things.

Let's start by talking about the Cafe Rio salad. I eat this salad from the outside in. I guess I compartamentalize the lettuce to one side of my salad till there is a perfect line. It gets commented on a lot!

Next would be fast foods. If I get a combo at Wendy's, I will always eat the fries first and save the sandwhich for last. What good are cold fries?

Cereal. Have I told you that I hate milk?! well I do but what is cereal without milk? So I will pour in the milk to wetten the cereal then as I eat it I will skim all the cereal off the top to get rid of the milk.

Ice cream. I can't eat it unless it is solid. If it get's too milky then it is just milk and must be destroyed!

And lastly would be bread. If it isn't new and soft I can't eat it as a sandwhich. It has to feel soft to work for me. However I can use it for toast, french toast, or grilled sandwhich.

Now that you know a little to well how quirky I am.. will you still be my friend?! I figure that I can tag 6 people since I had to come up with 6 quirks. Today I am going to tag, read my Stephanie Martinez, Angie Sullivan, ERO, Amy Jensen, Val Clegg and Jessica Nye cause I know they actually blogs.


madiwink said...

You don't know me, I just found your name on the Parish blog. But I have to say I love your blog entries. This quirk blog made me fall in love with you. You're so real! I love your honesty.
Thanks for sharing!

Pam Lundberg
homeschool mother of nine who does not blog, but should!

Meg said...

I feel honored that you visit my blog! Sad to say I am just real.. that's all I have to offer. I would love to hear about your adventures in homeschool, I am sure you have a lot to share.. start a blog, they are so fun!

Come back anytime,

Leslie said...

You crack me up.

Marcus said...

Meg I am the same way with doing the dishes. It drives Anna crazy when I do the dishes, to the point that I think she prefers me to not do the dishes.

Meg said...

I am glad someone understands my maddness! I wish my roomies didn't want me to wash dishes! :)

Angie said...

Oh my, the similarities between us are uncanny! I am also a stickler about how to load the dishwasher, I LOVE labeling (I have this amazing labeling machine...), I'll admit, I don't eat in any special way, I just scarf! I'll be doing this tag, as soon as I get my groove back!

Kaela Cusack said...

Meg-I STILL LOVE YOU! I share some of those same quirks. I think they make you adorable. Will you still be my friend?

Let's hang out soon!