Monday, September 8, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Adam Earl and Ann Bahr

I was honored to be the wedding coordinator at the wedding of Ann and Adam. It was an awesome site! Ann was a radiant, call and happy bride. Mom and Dad Bahr were gleeful and everyone was all smiles! How can you go wrong with that!

Ann chose SunRiver Garden's off 1200 N in Orem for her reception. We had a record breaking attendance of at least 900 people! It was amazing the amounts of people that came through that place! Everything went off without a hitch! Turned out to be an amazing reception! First of all, the brides Maides. They were all adorable and pulled off the skirts we had made amazingly!

I actually did all the centerpieces. Ann didn't like what the reception center offered so we did our own thing!

These last few are the details.. I believe that you can see LOVE in the details. Everything just fit together so nicely!

The Candy buffet was a HUGE hit! People gobbled up these sweets in no time flat! Good thing I am an over-planner!

After all the love had settled, we had a sparkler send off to the limo and the guests went their seperate ways, I couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out!

Congratulations to you Adam and Ann Earl!


Amber said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I want you around when my girls get married!

Boise Buhrley's said...

Beautiful! I get dibs on you first!! You better not get to big for us little people by the time I need you! We will have to keep you grounded so you don't get big headed.:) You are so talented, is there anything you cant do? Hmmmmm I know i can think of something........xoxoxoxoxoxo hurry up here!!!!!joni

Mindy said...

Shut-up! People actually get married!?