Friday, August 29, 2008

Shout Hooray it's Heidi Schellman Stock's BIRTHDAY!

That's right! It's our cute Kansas friend Heidi's Birthday!
Heidi is yes, another jewel that I met through the EFY program! I was able to work with her closely in the Midwest sessions in 2006. Heids is very talented and has so much love to give to those around her. She puts her whole heart into everything that she does.... you can tell how much she is loved by all the smiling people in the picture below!
I had to include this picture in here. Heids will know why, but this includes one of our main topics the summer I worked with her :)

Now Heidi is all grown up from our EFY days. I got to see her once after our EFY days together when she was put in as the midwest coordinator and came down from training and got to stay with me!! And then I also got to see her when she was traveling with Luke through Utah. Now Luke is her eternal companion!
Some of the amazing things that I love about Heids is she is passionate, she sings beautifully, she has firm faith in Jesus Christ, she serves and loves selflessly, she reads my blogs, she will be the first to laugh at and with you, she teases, and she is balanced she not only enjoys good sports she is crafty! I tell you, she is amazing!

When she was the midwest coordinator, I had to do a drop in Visit! This is us in Nauvoo!

And last but definately not least... this B-day girl has another girl to celbrate with this year!! Yeah for Heidi and her baby girl who will be coming in November!
Although I am in Utah, I couldn't miss your Birthday wishes this year! Isn't 2008 a great Birthday for you my dear?! Oh I just love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Mindy said...

Uh, not to take anything away from Heidi ... but my birthday is on September 18th ... just in case you wanted to know ...

HAHAHA. :) I really, really like you, by the way!

Meg said...

Mindz, you know that you will have a BDAY shout out! STAY TUNED!

Heidi said...

Meg, you are the best!!! Thank you so much for such a great birthday tribute! You are an important person in my life and it's because you always know exactly how to make me feel special! Thank you!!!!