Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: The preparations begin...

Here is a look of Ann and Adam's Engagements and Bridals... Tommorrow is the big day that I have been wedding planning for since May!! Everything is done! Everything is bought! The family dinner is eaten! Bridesmaids and groomsman have their outfits! Now all we have to do is get them married and get to Sun River Garden's in Orem for our planned event!

We hired an amazing cater, Jean, who will be catering enough food for 750 people. Ann's Bishops wife is doing the flowers. I am doing the table centerpieces (we didn't want to go with the ones they offer in the package). Cakes by Dawna is doing the wedding cake. Albertsons is doing the groom cake. Kristen McMullin with KM Photography has done a FABULOUS job with all the pictures. My Aunt Leslie at Veronica Michaels handled our dress alterations, shoes, tuxes for the lil guys, mothers dress etc and Ann and her Mom got their jewlery designed by Monica.. so Pretty!

At the dinner tonight Ann's family who has been amazing to work with through this whole process made a presentation to me for all my hard work. I am not a big public thank you person, I get all embarrased when I am publically thanked but the Bahrs went above and beyond as a thank you for me. They got Monica Whiting to make me one of her famous, gorgeous Crystal necklaces and then in the card they gave me $100. I was all ferschnickity in front of all the guests. What a precious suprise! I have wanted one of Monica's beautiful necklaces for a long time and the fact that they tracked Monica down in Arizona to get me something so thoughtful made my day!!

Of course I will have to post way more pics tommorrow but here are a my favs! (So many to choose from!

We defied all tradition and took all the BRIDE/GROOM pictures before the wedding day... so we had to have fun with Adam. I made him cover his eyes... no peeking.. and he got to see Ann for the first time infront of the cameras!! So darling!

Ann was LOVING the fact that tons of kids were stopping and taking pictures of her.. She ate it up! I was singing her the song "I've been dreaming of a true loves kiss." from Enchanted. I loved the fact that she took time out to talk to these random, curious, little girls and take a picture with them! That is what type of a person she is!We ended the night with a rush down to Saltair. It was beautiful at sunset but besides my brother Pat, I haven't smelled anything so horrible in my life! :)

Yes picture overload but aren't they such a neat couple! Stay tuned for the actual wedding reception pictures!


Jamie said...

Great pics and what a cute couple!