Monday, August 4, 2008

Memory Monday... My Grandpa Schroeppel

About a week ago my dear friend Angie did a blog on a Daddy Daughter date that they did with the Achievement day girls in their ward. It reminded me of one of my favorite memories with my Grandpa Schroeppel when I was about 10 yrs old and in Merrie Miss (remember those days ). We did a daddy daughter activity( and since I didn't have a daddy at home to go with me Grandpa was delegated) called a Box Lunch Social. We were to decorate a box as unique as possible and make all the yummiest things we could possibly make to put inside. There was a contest for the best box lunch (we won that). Next we had a dad shaving competition as part of our relay race. They took the blades out and we shaved them (won that) then a pie eating contest and of course we won that! It ended with us recieving a letter our dad's (grandpa) wrote to us.. Sweetest thing I have ever read. I know I have that somewhere in my memory box. I will find it sometime this month and add it to this entry.

Growing up as a young child Grandpa had a full plate with 11 kids of his own and then 2 father-less grandkids to raise. I loved on Mother's Day our Saturday date with Grandpa to pick out the perfect gift for Mom. He let us choose anything that we wanted and it really made it so special for us.

I loved how Grandpa sacrificed to bring my Mom to pick me up from my mission in Ohio. I don't think I would have EVER got on that plane if I didn't have Grandpa, Grandma and my Mom forcing me on. What sweet memories I have with my Grandpa. He is full of love, charity, sarcasm, and honor.

I love you Gramps! Thanks for making events that could have seemed so lonely for a child without their own Dad there so memorable and special to me. That Daddy daughter date is in my top 10 of favorite childhood memories. YOUR THE BEST!

Grandpa (Tell Me bout The Goo - The Judds


Nate and Jessica said...

What a special memory Meg!

Jamie said...

Well said! Isn't Grandpa the best? I love that picture of you and him. That'll be one to treasure.

Mike & Valerie Hall said...

It was so fun to see Grandpa! Cute pictures!