Thursday, August 21, 2008

UPDATE: Sweet Em's new "DO"

Disneys Medley: Go the distance, youll be in my heart, reflection - Lea Salonga

I talked to our brave, positive and faithful Jill today and found out that last night Emily lost the majority of her hair. They had talked to her about it and so instead of freaking out about it... she made it a beauty shop night and let the nurse take off the little remaining so it wouldn't be so itchy!

Doesn't she pull off a hat well! I think she is simply adorable though I must admit that I sobbed while reading the entry and wished I was as brave as Jill was. You can see a video of her at Keep praying for her so all the "ITCHYS" that she gets from the medicines will go away!


"In all of living, have much joy and laughter, Life is to be enjoyed not just endured."

-President Gordon B Hinkley


Amber said...

You couldn't have found a more fitting song! Thanks for the cry!

Angie said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Every last bit!