Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday: Mike, Val and Emerson Hall

miss you like crazy

This week I have been really reflective on my sweet Cousin Val's family! My cousin married such a great guy. His name is Mike and we call eachother "Janet" it is too long of a story to describe but basically I called him the wrong name at Brad and Staci's wedding and so he started calling me the wrong name, and I knew that I would remember his name always if I called him the same thing, so I do! hahahha Dumb i know, but it has endeared us to eachother!

Val has been one of my best friends before she even knew what best friends were! She was my little baby that I would carry around with me... I would take her on stroller rides.. I would walk with her to the gas station in Spanish Fork and buy her candy.

When they moved to Orem and she grew up a little we would spend our whole summer's together. We would ride our bikes down to 7-11 and get White Cherry Slurpees and Laffy Taffy's all the time. I even had Val with me when I totaled Grandma's car before I was 16 (we wont go into that!).

Basically Val, Amy and Jamie (all my cousins) were my little adopted sisters that I dragged to the Tiffin room at ZCMI, movies, Mi Ranchito, anywhere that I could spent all my babysitting money on them. We played house, store and fought a lot!

As adults, Val has become my lunch buddy and I have loved having lunch with her and Emerson.

I am so thankful for Val. She has a huge heart and is ALWAYS wanting to help with any project that is too much for you to do alone.

Mike has moved her away from all of us to go to Dental School in Arizona for 4 years! It has been a hard week for us all realizing that she may never be permanately back to us... but so thankful that there are airplanes that can get her here quickly!

I have the cutest pictures of Val and I from chilhood that will be amoung my posts when I learn how to scan! We were adorable (ok, I was a little awkward looking, but she was adorable). Val, I am thankful for cell phones, blogs and planes that will make you being 12 hours away seen so much closer.
Thanks for always being my WITTO WOWIE! The memories we have together are priceless and I will never forget the void you helped fill in my life by taking the place of the little sister I always asked Santa for every Christmas and prayed for every night.

"Janet", we are so proud of you and your hard work! Val we are proud that you are being brave when we aren't. And Emerson you better stay just as cute and adorable till the next time we see you.... don't grow!


Jamie said...

They will definitely be missed. I'm glad that she started a blog. That way i won't feel like she's moved so far.

Amy Jensen said...

I agree, they all will be missed. I feel bad that I didn't get a chance to do more with her before they left. life is just crazy but I am thankful for Val too and all our fun Summer's together. Especially you though I remember all those same memories and we always had so much fun with you and I always felt like I could tell you anything. I believe you are the one with the big heart and always helping whoever with whatever you can. We love you Megs!

Meg said...

Ames, I am so glad that you love those memories too! I miss "us" and all the fun we had before everyone was too cool and grown up for me :)
I am glad that you feel like you could tell me anything, I wanted to be there for you. Thanks for the memories.. now if I could just get a baby so I could hang with all the mommies we could have more of them! :)

Mike & Valerie Hall said...

You are all so sweet. Isn't blogging the best? I am so glad I can keep better track of what is going on with everyone. Trust me, I will miss you all much more that anyone misses us. We, well I, am so homesick. I am grateful for all the fun childhood memories we have too. It is so nice to have such awesome people in my family! Love you all!!!