Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday: MUST SHARES

I went to Smith's yesterday (called Kroger in other places) to just PU the "staples". When I was on my way out I remembered that I have been REALLY craving chocolate and that I needed to do something about that! So I decided ice cream might do the ticket at one chocolatey bite at a time.

As I headed down the aisle, I found this ice cream (except it was in a pint container) on sale for only $1 each! I thought why not.. and picked up the pint. They had one called Moose Tracks and another next to it called Extreme Moose Tracks; most any fool would know to get the one with more chocolate.
Now anyone that knows me, knows that before I served my mission in Columbus, OH ice cream wasn't a big draw for me. I wasn't the biggest fan until I met the first love of my life in Ohio, Graeters ice cream (thanks Frost family who took us there for the first time!). I know this isn't a post about Graeters but I will have to tell you that I have been home from Ohio for 8 years in October and have shipped in ice cream several times, Jen and I drove 4 hours a time to fill our freezers full of it's deliciousness when in the midwest and even my dear friend Marky Millet brought me some home after he had a sales job in Ohio last year... It is coveted in my house!
Well I think I have found the equivalent in OREM UT!! I am so happy for me.. so sad for the scale! This ice cream has ginormous chunks of dark chocolate mixed in with Extreme Moose Tracks chocolate ice cream giving it texture and added flavor as well as chunks of chocolate coated peanut butter cups! I am serious ladies.. this is an ice cream after our own hearts! And while it is $1 you need to stock up for those times... you know those times each month I am talking about! :)

Well, I better be on my way now the delivery truck is out in front yard and they want to know where to place the two large refrigerated tubs of ice cream and the neighbors are looking out their windows wondering what is going on.. I just couldn't resist at $1 a pint!
TRY IT, TRUST ME! I know my food!


Angie said...

Must. Have. Moose. Tracks. Must. Have. Hubby. Pick. Up. On. Way. Home...

The Burners said...

Oh Private Selection is SOOOO good! Try their mint chocolate chip ice cream. SOOOO yummy!