Monday, August 4, 2008

Celebrating the life of the one and only Holli Dolly!

Today is a very important day, it is the day one of my best-est sister friend’s was born, it was a day I DEFINITELY celebrate… it is the Holli Dolly’s Birthday! Any of you that know our Holls knows that she is energetic, spontaneous, laugh out loud funny, sensitive, charming, talented (she can do your hair like NO OTHER!), passionate, beautiful and the list can go on and on. I have known the Dolls since I was in High School. Oh how I wish that all our recorded music videos and singled out were still in existence… I would pay good money to post those today!
Holls and I have such a steady relationship and I love how she is always equally working on it with me. It is never one-sided. She’s my listening ear, my cheer squad and my confidant, and one who helps me believe in myself. There are more things than I could ever list about this woman, now a wonderful wife and mother but I can share the entry about her in my gratitude journal which summarizes some of the ways in which I adore her…
· I love how Holls and I can laugh with each other… always have a story to share.
· We love us—no one is cuter or funnier to be around (at least that what we told a group of EFY kids).
· We are more than just friends- we are family.
· We can share intimate things with each other.
· Holls has a huge heart- always wanting to choose the right.
· Our friendship is strong and we still are here for each other even though she is married and a mommy.
· We love social-ness.
· We love food together.
· We can snuggle and even share a twin bed J ha ha ha.
· Holls can make me look amazing- whenever I am “HOLLIFIED” I look like a million bucks!

Holls you are a shining example to me of what a woman, a daughter, amother and a wife should be. You are so loyal and love me through all the hard times. I know I can count on you in the important matters. I know you will forever be close to me and that is all that any friend ever needs to know. Today we celebrate you for all you are and will become! We love you Holli Williams Besse and can’t wait to see the story your life will continue to tell in the future! It’s your day! Live it up!

Your Best Friend FOREVER!


Julie Anna Poole said...

Hey, the best haircut/color job I have ever had was done by Holli. I one time even took a picture of myself with that hairstyle to another salon (because Holli had moved) to see if they could do the same thing...unfortunately their job was not even a close second.

Happy Birthday Holli.

Angie said...

Boy, I do miss being Hollified! What a sweet and true tribute to Holli Dolly!

Happy Birthday Holls!

Ging said...

Thanks for an awesome tribute to my baby girl!!!!!!! Love ya, sweet Megs!

The Burners said...

That is so sweet! Holli truly is the best :) Happy B-day Holli

Meemsy said...

Once again Happy Birthday Dolls! Our friendship is something I cherish more than you know. You're my sista from anotha mista! Thanks Meggie for taking the time to post this and say what we all feel. I love you both!!!!!!!

~wendy~ said...

Ah Meg that is sweet! I love my Holli Dolly so much and miss her too! What sweet words and all true of course!