Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday: Pat Terry

I am one blessed girl with so many things to be thankful for.. one of my most prized possesions is the great church leaders I had as a youth, who have become some of my best friends as adults... one of those people is Pat. This woman can do ANYTHING. She is a woman of all trades. She can fix about anything, make about anything and decorate anthing. Basically everything that she touches turnes to gold. More importantly than what she can do, is who she is. Pat has made an everlasting impact in my life.

In 1994, she was thrown a devestating blow when her best friend, and only daughter was tragically taken in a automobile accident. Through this experience I have seen a real champion emerge. She has held on through the pain, fought a good fight and found ways to serve, teach and nourish those around her despite the loss she herself has faced.

  • A few of the things that I LOVE about my dear Pat: I can talk to her about ANY subject and not feel judged.

Her love of country, she knows her politics.

Her love of shopping- she can even put me to shame.

Her big heart...if you are ever involved in a good cause, she will be the first to join in with you and donate or support you in anyway that she can.

She is the lover of people, she keeps in contact with those she loves.

Always put together... you can always count on her looking done up, having her house perfectly clean, and looking darling regardless pf the pain or anxiety that she may be feeling.

She is the perfect travel companion. She is all about relaxation- my type of traveling

She is a master teacher. I learn from her and she delivers the message so graciously.

She is a great friend. After all these years, we still have lunches and have fun chatting with eachother.

Have I forgot to mention that I got the honor of going on a cruise for my 30th birthday with this gal?! We had such a good time. We laughed, met new people, slept and relaxed, ate, SHOPPED (oh did we ever shop!) and just reconnected our love and sweet friendship! Here are some of our highlights...Isn't she a HOOT!I took this picture to capture how annoying the emergency demo is. While I was taking them this odd women came up to me and said that this picture had "great perspective" and that I should sell it... Pat and I laughed about it the whole cruise.These are our friends from back east that we met. Our dining partners.All dressed up with our new handbags :)

Pat and I's crazy adventure to the middle of nowhere, we were worried that we wouldn't get returned back to the ship.As you can tell I love this woman, I play with her, I have a blast with her and I thank the heaven's above for such a woman in my life! Pat, thank you for who you are and what you do for all of us! You are wonderful!


Amber said...

What a nice tribute!

I still remember how I enjoyed Pat's incredibly inspiring YW lessons.

I also remember how grown up and organized I felt when she gave us calendars and called us to class presidency meetings.

One time when on a walk with Pat after my mission, she told me that my mission experience would remind me that I can do hard things when I needed extra strength. That comment has come to my mind many times when I have needed to remember.

Love, Amber

catroller83 said...


Thank you for writing this I don't know that I could put it in better words. She is an amazing woman and also because of her love for me and all of those great weekends I am who I am today. I am glad she has a friend like you who thinks so great of her!

Marilyn said...

How fun to see you having so much fun! you needed a break.
Love you marilyn