Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Times Fridays: Full Moon Lift

Check out that cool full moon! It was Awesome!

Tonight was a spontaneous night with the Pectol family whom I adore. It started out with Amy, Scotty and I at Noodles and company and then Dairy Queen planning our cruise and ended with Mama Pectol, Amy and I on a beautifully crisp summer night enjoying the full moon ski lift at Sundance.

I really am terrified of heights but loved chatting it up with these fun ladies for our 45 min lift through the beautiful mountains in Sundance. What a perfect Friday adventure! I thought that we might run into the Cullens (from the Twilight series)but my Edward didn't come! :(

Thanks for treating us to a great night Robin. Sure do love and appreciate you!

When The Stars Go Blue (Studio Version) - Blake Lewis


Amy Pectol said...

That was soooooo fun! Thanks Meggie for always being there to give me reason and logic! I love you!