Friday, August 29, 2008

Farewell Friday: Bretters leaves P-TOWN

My sweet Bretters is getting all grown up and accepted a career in California...too far away! I met Brett at EFY and loved him instantly. How could you not instantly love someone that looks like the loveable Ross on friends! :)

All joking aside, Brett is a stud! He has more personality in his pinky then most have in a lifetime. He is witty, charming, lovey and accepting. He always goes out of his way to make people feel included and important.

Brett is someone that you can always count on to show up to a party, just to support you, even if he really deep down didn't want to go.

One of my favorite Brett memories is when I walking into the oposite EFY site office and saw him and Kris Pallin (a girl) in the oposites pants having a fashion show! Yes, Kris is probably one of the most slender girls I know and Brett fit in her pants!

Even though California isn't that far away, I am going to miss the convience of walking into a gathering and seeing his familiar face that makes me grin from ear to ear!

Brett I know that you will go to California and make a difference. You will be the shining example that we all love and make your mark there! Come back and visit us REALLY soon and often. I know that I would be willing to throw you a bash any time you did :)

Love you Bretters...

Bon Voyage!


Mindy said...

He *does* look like Ross! I never realize that before! And Kris is super cute... and yes, she is definitely the skinniest person who still has skin on their bones! She weighs less than my thigh. The end. :)