Monday, August 4, 2008

Just like a Dad to me: Happy Birthday Lynn D Whiting!

How do you express feelings about someone who has always stepped in and helped you when you didn’t have your own Dad in your life?

Lynn is one of the tender mercies in my life. He has given me such peace through Father’s blessings, allowed me to borrow just about EVERYTHING he owns, helped when I have had car problems, packed my car so tight for me when I moved to IL, and saved the day when he jumped in last minute to help me with a wedding that had major weather issues… (I must say he is the best wedding help that I have ever received.) I’ve been with him and his family members more times than I can count to Idaho, Arizona and even toured the Grand Canyon with him, Marilyn and Jacqueline and Thomas.

Lynn has countless talents and a love of people and it exudes from his countenance. He is a skilled carpenter, Mr. fix- it (he can do and does do everything!), award winning gardener (every year his yard never ceases to win the lawn beautification award as well as his award winning Christmas display with the flying Santa.) he is also very dedicated to his family and friends. Will drop everything to help you even a free golf game!

Lynn is a man of God and has always magnified anything he has been given from Home teacher to Bishop. When we first moved into our house my brother was VERY involved in all star baseball so we LIVED at the ball park. He came and tracked us down there and introduced himself to us as the Bishop. Mom was so impressed by that and felt immediately watched over.

If you ever need to find Lynn there are 3 places to look… Hard at work driving all over Utah, at Costco or gone serving someone. That says a lot about the Man that he is. I mean if you are going to be somewhere on your free time. Costco is the place to be :)

I could go on and about Lynn and the dedication, loyalty and love he has for those around him but I will end by saying THANK YOU Lynn for being there for me when no one else was. For making me feel loved and respected in your home. Most importantly for the life of honor and example that you have always lived and the light that comes from that life. I love you dearly!


Ging said...

Awesome job!!!!! You rock! Thanks for posting such amazing pix!