Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday: Emily and Jacqueline's Bone Marrow Transplant Day

The Heaps Family Heros.... CONTINUED!
Mom, Jill attending to sister donor Jacqueline

Daddy, Matt attending to Emily our dear transplant recipient!

Today was the big day where Jacqueline gave the much needed bone marrow to her sister Emily for the second time. Today was Emily's Bone Marrow birthday.

I wasn't able to be there at the hospital today but throught the updates it sounds as though everything went smoothly and the troopers made it through.

Jacqueline had 40-50 holes drilled on either side of her back to get her bone marrow out and then they put it in a machine and then into an IV looking bag and it goes into Emily on a drip. Sounds like all your prayers today for a smooth go of things were answered!

On their blog they said, "As we were in Emily's hospital room tending to two daughters that were at the time feeling very very sick, someone asked Thomas, "So Thomas, how are you doing?". He replied back with a smile on his face and a shrug of the shoulders, "Well, a lot better than my sisters...".
We love you Heaps! Thanks for being so brave and giving Emily a new lease on life. All my readers prayers are with you still and always!

angels amoung us - randy travis


Jamie said...

Oh, that makes me want to cry. What a good sister!

Rachel said...

This is such great news. Every time I stumble upon a story like this I feel my hope is renewed.

Angie said...

OH Megsy, I still have goosebumps. What a beautiful family. Thanks for updating us!

Brandon and Erica said...

What a miracle and a blessing! So glad that everything went smoothly.
We will continue to pray for the Heaps family!