Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Justin and Alyssa

Saturday August 16th was my little cousin Alyssa's Wedding. I say little cause I literally feel like I was just babysitting her 8 yrs ago! Oh wait.. I was :) My sweet cousin met a great catch and had a ginormous ring on her finger before she even graduated High school! Now that is impressive!

Her wedding day was perfect in every way until the mean ole friends decorated Justin's car and chapped his hyde! hahhaha I hate the whole car decorating tradition too.. I think cake smashing, garter throwing and car decorating should be banned! Who wants to have a mess to clean up (whether on their face or their car)... I sure don't! I guess that what being 30 and single does to you... bah humbug! hahha

I can't wait to share the highlights of their day through the fab pictures my camera took. Here is an intro to my extended family, ENJOY!

This is Auntie Kay with her grandbaby Emerson. Oh, how I adore Emerson!

The Clegg Family. Rob on the back right will be getting married to Rocio in 3 weeks then there will only be Chels and yan (bottom left) remaining and Kay will have several years till that happens (I will probably still be single then too, so I will be there for you Kay!!)
Lyss hugging her sweet Mom, my Aunti Kay!
Lyss was really lucky to have Gma and Gpa Schroeppel there, gramps has been ill lately and it is a miracle that he has been able to come up so often lately.

This is my Aunti Debbie and her husband Kevin
( sometimes I mix up their names and call them aunt devin and uncle kebbie!)
See why I love this kid! This is adorable Emerson on his Uncle Brad's shoulder....PRICELESS!
Emers Mommy Val. She is holding my cousin Kylie's baby Irelyn
What a gorgeous picture of the bride and her Mommy
My Uncle Mark and I were having WAY TOO MUCH fun with Irey, If you can't tell, we put the Baked Lasagna sign on her and had her holding the to go box... we were laughing pretty hard
(real mature I know!)

The Flowers were hanging from the umbrellas instead of being on a center piece.. so cute!

This is mini me... ever wonder what I looked like before time corrupted me... here she is, my neice Chloe.. such a mess.. but isn't she cute!
My nephew Dylan
(how could you not be smiling, when you get coldstone ice cream!)
This one's for you James.. what a priceless picture of you and Gramps and Hallie
My Aunti Leslie. She is the wedding dress sales person of the century! If you want a low price and someone to tell you the truth and get you into the dress that you look the greatest in.. she is your woman! Verionca Michael's is her place.. check it out!
So glad this baby isn't my little Jesse's but isn't she gorgeous! Love you Jess.
Last but not least (and you will be hearing more about them in my blog tommorrow) this is Lyssa's oldest sister and her hubby Mike (who I call Janet and he call's me Janet..long story) and of course baby Emerson.

As you can tell from my countless pictures we had a family filled day... I spared ALOT of pictures but you get the feeling of who I am related to and why I love them all so much!

Alyssa, thanks for letting me be a part of you beautiful day. I love you my Witto Wyss. Welcome to a kooky clan Justin!


Mindy said...

I love the 3/4 length sleeved dresses these days! If I get married before they go out of style (not likely) I will wear one!!! I'm not sure how she got a big rock on her finger before she graduated from high school ... I would have been satisfied to have one on my finger before I graduated COLLEGE. Oh, well. :) Cute, family, Meg. :)

Angie said...

You are the wedding woman Meg! What a fun and memorable day!

Mike & Valerie Hall said...

Meg these pictures are so cute!! It was a fun wedding even though it was a ton of work!!!