Saturday, August 23, 2008

FREAKY FRIDAY: Things I have really seen!

In the past 3 years or so, I have been around the US alot and even to Europe. I have collected a slew of weird things from places such as: London, Ireland, Arkansas, Illinois and even from good ole Utah! I hope you find them as funny and "freakish" as I have. I will in no way be responsible for anyone being offended if I hit a touchy subject for you! These are freakish things to me, maybe not to you! And I will begin my report....

I want you to imagine being in a foreign country and craving food that actually tastes good to you. (The food in Ireland and London os drab) When you finally spot a Hard Rock Cafe! As you wait with you beeper in hand to get your table, you look in the window of this restraunt that was just feeling like home again and see this neon lit sign in it's window.
Then as if you weren't freaked out enough by the sign, right where they choose to sit you when the beeper goes off, you are looking eye to eye with a larger than life wax head of McJagger!
Dude nor Chick mullets are ever ok... but we sure did find them in London (this one is right outside Buckinham Palace) as well as Ireland. (She was on a street corner in Dublin.)
When I see her, I want to start singing the opening to my fav cartoon.. Gem, Gem's truely outrageous, truely, truely, truely outrageous!
(Gem is Meg spelled backwards)
This freakish thing was on the 8th of 10 floors abandoned building on our bus tour in Ireland.. As if a vacant building isn't freaky enough they had to add this dummy head in there to really make your skin crawl!
Next, our freaky tour brings us to Carbondale, IL were I lived with my best friend Jen for 1 year!

I found this lovely display in the Walmart parking lot and couldn't resist. This is a "REAL" (dead) stuffed chicken and some molded clay face thing... EWWW!

This beautimous display was found by Jen and I on our way home from my Dad's for thanksgiving! Let's hear it for ARKANSAS for he most freakish Christmas spirit award!

Am I Christian? Yes through and through. But this cross is bigger than it even looks. It is on the way from Southern Illinois to Chicago and it freaks me out. I don't like focusing on the cross as a symbol of Christ, instead I choose to focus on His Ressurection and that we too will live again because he was Ressurected.
Now we have made it to our beautiful hometown of Orem, UT!
This guy was dancing his heart out at the UVU opening ceremony concert! He loved Colin Ray!

I am pretty sure that he was also at the Scera Shell concert of Abba Live.... wouldn't you say this was him Mom? (look at all the audience looking and laughing!)

CREEPY UNCLE if you ask me!

And lastly, what is up with all the people showing portions of their bellies, chests or rear ends these days? How do you not know that air is gushing down your pants, shirts or stomaches on a hot day!? I wish people would cover up those "imbareable parts" instead of making the rest of us look at them!


Angie said...

Gem, Gem is excitement, oooh Gem, Gem is adventure, oooh, glammer and glitter, fashion and fame....GEM! (If you hadn't noticed, I adored Gem too!) I LOVED your kooky pictures, I'm going to start that tradition too!

Jamie said...

Oh, you make me laugh. So your saying I shouldn't do a mullet with my hair????